Monday, August 10, 2009


I am migrating my blog over to Wordpress...I feel there is more versatility and people could find my blog there you have that

For 2 days

I have been content. For 2 days. That should be considered a miracle. I haven't thought I would rather be elsewhere, I haven't tried to leave the house. Ian and I talked alot about nothing, Emily was adorable, me and Kayla played games, I organized, I sweated alot but loved it. I finally finished Money and the Law of Attraction last night, it was the first time in ages I could feel positive enough to absorb the information. Our desktop broke on Saturday. I thought that would really suck, but it hasn't been. Ian has used my laptop, I've used the old laptop just for checking email and stuff. haven't really missed the desktop so much. I am hoping to get in a better feeling place about heading back to work. Abraham always says in all things, seek what will give you relief. The better feeling thought. Instead of thinking about the fighting that was going on the last day of work, I will think about Emily being happy to see all her friends, and the income that comes from working, seeing my coworkers who are my friends and etc. It is a relief to think of that rather than the disagreements.

My sister is the leader of the Fight With Tools Binghamton branch. We had a meeting the other night where we were working on what our action items would be and where our focus would be. I think what s really awesome is the new idea to focus on fixing ourselves to become more whole individually rather than try and work on fixing everyone and everything. One of the things was to work on bringing more beauty into our own personal world. By doing art, music, singing, etc. I can do that. What was really cool is we chose the economy to be our focus. By focusing on our own personal economy and local. One of those things was to think up any new business ideas. I have been contemplating starting a Lifestyle Photography Business. I have to make pancakes right now otherwise I would go into detail about how wonderful and exciting it would be.

I am going to post a couple pics cause I love doing that:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting back to normal

I have been off of work all summer, since mid May. I thought I would get a lot done, relax a lot, go to some parks, you know. But then the weather was AWFUL!! Then I was taking Kayla to dance, and then to fishing camp, then vacation of course, then my brother in law was here for 2 weeks and now it's only about a week till I go back to work!! Wow the summer flew by. Taking Kayla to fishing camp was a ton of fun though, because it was at the nature center where they have a lot of animals and a pond full of fish to feed. At both drop off and pick up we would Emily and I would spend about an hour there just looking at the animals and feeding fish. We had a lot of fun. Vacation rocked, we were at Oak Island. Since I graduated from college my parents bought me a new lens for my camera and I got some awesome shots. I would like to get a raise from work, now that I have my 4 year degree, even though it is not in Early Childhood. We will see. I am hoping.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So here I sit

Today I bought a special treat for myself. It is called Singstar and it is a blast!! I get made fun of and make fun of myself more my singing impairment and my ability to completely make up words to songs. Then years later I will hear a song and exclaim out loud while laughing "Ohhh that's what he says there!!! I thought it was....". So I bought Singstar so i can sing as much as I want, and it has the lyrics, and it will even tell me if I am on key. Not that I care about the on key part of it but whatever. So that was very special fun and enjoyment and I did that for two hours straight tonight, even though my neck is killing me because I did something to it...what? I don't know. But it's hurt for about 5 days now, and the internet says it could be meningitis....really???? AHHH. I don't think so. But if it doesn't get better to the doctor I go. I am taking a jazz class, that is a little more hip hop than jazz. I have never done hip hop, so it is veerrry interesting. I am going to try to get out this week, even though it is wet and muddy and everything, and take some pictures. Wish me luck!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Beautiful words

Recently I completed the 25 random things about myself post that is going around facebook. The very first one is that most of the time I am thinking in beautiful, lyrical words, but when it comes down to putting the words on paper or computer, I fail miserably. That I think is something important I should work on, along with taking more photographs.

Isn't it interesting how so much can be going on in one small space? I am extremely near sighted, in fact, I have to hold something a mere one inch from my eyes in order to see it. But when I do, I see every minute detail. In the space from one knuckle to the other I found something fascinating. A purple line. A deep purple line that delved into the the cracks of my fingers. I am not sure if it was a marker, paint or a crayon from work, but there it was. A reminder that my days are filled to the brim of childlike fun. Hanging from my finger in that same area was a perfect little droplet, just waiting to kerplunk into the steaming bathwater. Perhaps by narrowing my sights, taking off my glass and looking a lot closer I will find the ability to really and truly see.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Temporary Banner

Ok I just made this really quickly so at least it would be cute:)

Friday, October 10, 2008

YAY!! Genuine Enthusiasm

Title says everything!! No actually, nothing at all! I haven't been on here, again, in a while. But I won the jackpot at the local Bingo game that I sometimes volunteer at sometimes play. I won a lot of money, and went out and bought myself a new camera. It;s the Canon Rebel XT. I am really excited, because I have wanted a DSLR forever it seems, but have been waiting patiently for the price to come down. I got it at Target on CLEARANCE!!! WHAT?!?!? I know right? So I have taken a few pictures since then but there are a couple that are my most favorite of them.
Let me explain this. No I did not put my kid in the dryer. You see, I was in the kitchen washing out her cup. She wanted some milk, also known as gook. I hear her in the back room making ruckus and whatnot and I keep saying, E, you need to come in here. E could you please come here? Oh E....(in a singsongy voice mind you) come here, I have your gook....NOTHING. SO I go in, she has completely unloaded the dryer. No small feat. All over the floor. And happily climb in there and was clanging around with a ceramic teapot lid.

So I of course HAD to get pictures. I wonder what it is like inside a dryer. Probably nice and round, slightly dark, and loud I bet with a ceramic teapot lid. She was having a blast in there, and I did not at all look forward to making her get out, when she just...poof! Decided she was done. What a relief to me that was! But wouldn't it be wonderful if as adults, we thought it was ok to crawl into slightly dark small spaces and just be for a little while? Take a few minutes and roll around and maybe make a little noise?

I also took this picture which I love and love that my camera shoots in RAW format if I want. This picture is straight from the camera. The second is that picture adjusted. I like the first because it looks so natural. But I like this second one for it's color and clarity.The third, well I just was having so much fun I couldn't stop!

Now that I have a camera again I need to get this blog up and going. Right now there is no color, it is bland etc. I need a banner but am not sure how to go about doing it because I cannot really decide what I want my site to show visually. I do not lack for words, it is finding the visual to express those words. So anyway that's all for now. Any ideas, comments, or thoughts I appreciate comments from bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Have a great weekend!