Sunday, April 13, 2008

In the beginning of my blog

I was trying out my new camera today, while I was FREEZING I might add, and playing around with my super macro setting. I haven't got much chance to really play with my camera since I got it, so I am AMPED that it is getting warm out. I love the close up, because it looks like the ball has a little lip that pokes out. It reminds me of my mom always telling me not to pout, cause a birdie might come along and poop on my lip!!

Anyway I am trying to change the way I photograph, because for a long time I have just been photographing for the sake of having pictures. I was centering people right in the middle, ignoring the fact pictures are more interesting when the person is of to the side or shot at a different angle. I am challenging myself to take more visually interesting pictures. So, be prepared. I hope you will be delighted and amazed as I do this:)

I am trying to reconnect with myself, my sense of play, my sense of adventure...well, it seems like I am just trying to reconnect with my senses. I hope I will meet lots of friends on my journey.