Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A job perhaps??

Is this not absolutely disgusting??? There are tons of them in the trees around here. Thought I'd share.
This is really blurry but I love the color. Night was falling but I just didn't want to give in and stop shooting!!

I think there is a lot of joy to be found in photographing children. They move so much and just have so much fun.

So I have applied at several places that felt very upstream for me. Today I had to mail a letter out and get some stamps so I stopped at Joann's naturally, because I am planning on teaching myself to sew. I wanted to check out the pattern books and find something really simple. They happen to be hiring for full time positions. I naturally applied right then and there. I am giddy with possibility. It is near my house, it is a store with creativity abounding, I would not be sitting down all day, and it would bring in some important extra income. Second thing great about today, there are severe storm warnings. I LOVE storms. I love the cooling air that blows through the house, that sense of something coming. I love the darkening sky, the crackling of thunder and the lightening. I have been reading a lot of stuff on The Abe Forum, as I am very much into Abraham-Hicks and I have been reading things that really speak to me. I am so happy to have be introduced to Abe, now if I could get out of my own way!! It has been really really hot and humid here, in the mid 90's and the stickiness has prevented me from wanting to do anything creative. The thought of having to clean my spot off, then drag my stuff out, use it, then put it all back just hasn't appealed to me when the room I would be playing in has no air conditioning. I know, a baby. Tonight I just might get stuff out, then again, I may just watch Project Runway Canada on a website I have found. Either way, it will be fun and wonderful.

There is a bit of water in the pot, my older daughter was trying to wash her toys of in the pot, when this one climbed right in and sat down!!
Well I am off to clean something. I will turn on some music and joyfully clean my kitchen...I need a place to scrapbook!! Happy Tuesday people!

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Shawna said...

You're going to get the job, I can feel it. Gorgeous pictures by the way.