Monday, September 15, 2008

No camera but NEW JOB!!

Well I have been absent for a loooong time because I have been major busy. Since the last time I posted, my camera was stolen. My camera that when bought new cost me almost $600 was stolen at my Aunt's house on the 4th of July. Right before we went on vacation to Oak Island, NC. SO I have no camera right now and it is breaking my heart!!!

But, I got a job in mid-August at the Community College Daycare! So I can bring my youngest daughter with me, and my older one can come when she has school. I work a little in the morning, take a 2 hour break during which time I can work on some of my schoolwork for my 16 credit hours, and then work 1-5. It is sooo much fun. Everyday is different and delightful. I get to play with play-dog, blocks, paint, crafts, and gak every single day. Since I started there I have been making a list of all the fun things I could do with my girls and I am excited to get started. With my new job I will be able to buy myself a new camera!! Yahoo.

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and came across the new Artful Blogging magazine. I cannot wait to buy this!!! I wish I could buy it now. It is by far the most inspirational magazine I have ever come across. It's pages are enchanting and addictive. The cover is so smooth and the pages thick. I just love this magazine. I am constantly reading and rereading it. Then that leads me to more and more blogs and I start thinking in a blog. Now from here, I haven't had the time to actually do the blogging part of my thinking, but I am going to try really hard to do it.

I am beginning to make a mind movie which I am excited about. I cannot wait to use it to aid in my allowing and attracting things and greatness in to my life. If you do not know what they are truly exciting. There are a bunch on Youtube right now. I have been gathering pictures and quotes and thinking about music. Hopefully I will get that up and running soon, but in the mean time here is one of the really good ones on Youtube right now!!


Candace said...

I found your site through Healing Expressions. What a hateful thing about your camera... I didn't have one for a while either. I finally was able to get a Kodak Easy Share and while it's nowhere near the quality I would like or of others, it's enough for now and I am actually getting rather good at it.

My fingers are crossed for you and yours. My heart is in the right place.
Have a good rest of the week.

Candace said...

It's me again. I just saw your Digital scrapbooking and left a comment there, too. What the...? You are doing great!

Healing Expressions said...

Thanks so much for your heartflet comments on my blog! I am so sorry about your camara. My video camara was stolen three days into a Disneyland trip with all the sweet memories of my three sons on it...I shed a few tears over that one! What a cool video! May your creative adventure be blessed!
Take Care