Friday, October 10, 2008

YAY!! Genuine Enthusiasm

Title says everything!! No actually, nothing at all! I haven't been on here, again, in a while. But I won the jackpot at the local Bingo game that I sometimes volunteer at sometimes play. I won a lot of money, and went out and bought myself a new camera. It;s the Canon Rebel XT. I am really excited, because I have wanted a DSLR forever it seems, but have been waiting patiently for the price to come down. I got it at Target on CLEARANCE!!! WHAT?!?!? I know right? So I have taken a few pictures since then but there are a couple that are my most favorite of them.
Let me explain this. No I did not put my kid in the dryer. You see, I was in the kitchen washing out her cup. She wanted some milk, also known as gook. I hear her in the back room making ruckus and whatnot and I keep saying, E, you need to come in here. E could you please come here? Oh E....(in a singsongy voice mind you) come here, I have your gook....NOTHING. SO I go in, she has completely unloaded the dryer. No small feat. All over the floor. And happily climb in there and was clanging around with a ceramic teapot lid.

So I of course HAD to get pictures. I wonder what it is like inside a dryer. Probably nice and round, slightly dark, and loud I bet with a ceramic teapot lid. She was having a blast in there, and I did not at all look forward to making her get out, when she just...poof! Decided she was done. What a relief to me that was! But wouldn't it be wonderful if as adults, we thought it was ok to crawl into slightly dark small spaces and just be for a little while? Take a few minutes and roll around and maybe make a little noise?

I also took this picture which I love and love that my camera shoots in RAW format if I want. This picture is straight from the camera. The second is that picture adjusted. I like the first because it looks so natural. But I like this second one for it's color and clarity.The third, well I just was having so much fun I couldn't stop!

Now that I have a camera again I need to get this blog up and going. Right now there is no color, it is bland etc. I need a banner but am not sure how to go about doing it because I cannot really decide what I want my site to show visually. I do not lack for words, it is finding the visual to express those words. So anyway that's all for now. Any ideas, comments, or thoughts I appreciate comments from bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Have a great weekend!

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