Friday, February 6, 2009

Beautiful words

Recently I completed the 25 random things about myself post that is going around facebook. The very first one is that most of the time I am thinking in beautiful, lyrical words, but when it comes down to putting the words on paper or computer, I fail miserably. That I think is something important I should work on, along with taking more photographs.

Isn't it interesting how so much can be going on in one small space? I am extremely near sighted, in fact, I have to hold something a mere one inch from my eyes in order to see it. But when I do, I see every minute detail. In the space from one knuckle to the other I found something fascinating. A purple line. A deep purple line that delved into the the cracks of my fingers. I am not sure if it was a marker, paint or a crayon from work, but there it was. A reminder that my days are filled to the brim of childlike fun. Hanging from my finger in that same area was a perfect little droplet, just waiting to kerplunk into the steaming bathwater. Perhaps by narrowing my sights, taking off my glass and looking a lot closer I will find the ability to really and truly see.

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