Monday, August 10, 2009

For 2 days

I have been content. For 2 days. That should be considered a miracle. I haven't thought I would rather be elsewhere, I haven't tried to leave the house. Ian and I talked alot about nothing, Emily was adorable, me and Kayla played games, I organized, I sweated alot but loved it. I finally finished Money and the Law of Attraction last night, it was the first time in ages I could feel positive enough to absorb the information. Our desktop broke on Saturday. I thought that would really suck, but it hasn't been. Ian has used my laptop, I've used the old laptop just for checking email and stuff. haven't really missed the desktop so much. I am hoping to get in a better feeling place about heading back to work. Abraham always says in all things, seek what will give you relief. The better feeling thought. Instead of thinking about the fighting that was going on the last day of work, I will think about Emily being happy to see all her friends, and the income that comes from working, seeing my coworkers who are my friends and etc. It is a relief to think of that rather than the disagreements.

My sister is the leader of the Fight With Tools Binghamton branch. We had a meeting the other night where we were working on what our action items would be and where our focus would be. I think what s really awesome is the new idea to focus on fixing ourselves to become more whole individually rather than try and work on fixing everyone and everything. One of the things was to work on bringing more beauty into our own personal world. By doing art, music, singing, etc. I can do that. What was really cool is we chose the economy to be our focus. By focusing on our own personal economy and local. One of those things was to think up any new business ideas. I have been contemplating starting a Lifestyle Photography Business. I have to make pancakes right now otherwise I would go into detail about how wonderful and exciting it would be.

I am going to post a couple pics cause I love doing that:)

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