Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting back to normal

I have been off of work all summer, since mid May. I thought I would get a lot done, relax a lot, go to some parks, you know. But then the weather was AWFUL!! Then I was taking Kayla to dance, and then to fishing camp, then vacation of course, then my brother in law was here for 2 weeks and now it's only about a week till I go back to work!! Wow the summer flew by. Taking Kayla to fishing camp was a ton of fun though, because it was at the nature center where they have a lot of animals and a pond full of fish to feed. At both drop off and pick up we would Emily and I would spend about an hour there just looking at the animals and feeding fish. We had a lot of fun. Vacation rocked, we were at Oak Island. Since I graduated from college my parents bought me a new lens for my camera and I got some awesome shots. I would like to get a raise from work, now that I have my 4 year degree, even though it is not in Early Childhood. We will see. I am hoping.

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